The Present - Break The Dawn - 12" Vinyl

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Break The Dawn
The Present
12" Vinyl


Rusty Santos & Mina Ohashi return as The Present with Break The Dawn, a new strain of jungle, hip hop, house and footwork inflections. Pop music for the the wide-eyed, backlit confines of the digital age, Break The Dawn inspires bodily twists and mental (mis)fits through vocal vapor trails and vibrant productions. Traversing tempos like madmen on ice, Break The Dawn distills Atlanta haze (“Touch Base”), dive bomb basslines (“Illusion”), vocoder sensuality (“EZ”) and pulsing euphoria (“What’s Real”) through raw, post-club constructs. Break The Dawn will be available via Styles Upon Styles on March 24, 2017 in unlimited digital and limited vinyl forms. Double print jacket features photography from Celeste Sloman with design by Wade Jeffree. The Present formed in NYC with the goal of melding mind, body, and soul into a chameleonic exploration of the dancefloor. Soaking in sounds from every corner of the globe, The Present is a shape-shifting exercise in past and future club dynamics, offering a kind of digital absolution in the information age. Launching the project to critical acclaim in 2008 with a series of heady, ambient-inclined compositions, the duo proceeded to dismantle their original vision in the hopes of uniting the intellectual with the physical. Following years of experimentation and collaboration with global dance scenes (check their work with DJ Rashad), The Present re-emerged in 2015 with their third album, FSG. Elements from Chicago house and juke, UK jungle and Southern hip hop now constitute the duo’s polychromatic DNA, with a successive series of EPs entitled Energy & Sound further mining this promising new territory.
1. Lipst1k 03:29
2. Touch Base 03:39
3. Illusion 04:09
4. EZ 03:22
5. Love With U 03:01
6. What's Real 03:34

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