The Sha La Das - Love In The Wind - LP Colored Vinyl

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Love In The Wind
The Sha La Das
12" Vinyl
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indie only blue vinyl version - The musicians and production team behind the great CHARLES BRADLEY present DUNHAM RECORDS newest sensations! Direct from Staten Island, The SHA LA DAS (a play on their surname, Schalda) are a musical family in every sense of the phrase. Don't get confused here, folks. We're talking real-deal, shoot-from-the-hip group harmony of the highest order. The group is comprised of Patriarch, BILL – who honed his skill and cultivated his ear for harmonies at an early age, singing on the streets of Brooklyn with other neighborhood kids – and his sons WILL, PAUL, and CARMINE, all musicians in their own right (THE EXTRAORDINAIRES, SWIVS, PAUL AND THE TALL TREES.) The genesis of the Sha La Das came to fruition when an old friend, TOMMY BRENNECK (Dunham/Daptone producer and musician), called upon the Schalda boys to sing back-ups on CHARLES BRADLEY’S now classic Victim of Love. The second Tommy heard the four Schaldas sing he knew he had to make a record with them. This idea soon developed into a passion whose fruits have been cut into the 12” masterpiece we humbly present here. From the opening atmospheric guitar strum of “Open My Eyes” via a walk along the Coney Island boardwalk catching the last glimpse of sunlight at dusk of Carnival to the sublime crescendo of harmonies of the winsome Love in the Wind, each song evokes a deeply personal yet universal yearning that none of us can escape. Quite simply every song yields magic. So sit back, close your eyes and take in the SHA LA DAS’ Love in the Wind. Let the full realization of their harmonies wash over the lush instrumentation of MENAHAN STREET BAND, and float into the starlit summer’s night.
A1–Thomas Brenneck, Paul Schalda, W.C. SchaldaOpen My Eyes
A2–Thomas Brenneck, W.C. Schalda, Paul SchaldaJust For A Minute
A3–Thomas Brenneck, W.C. SchaldaSummer Breeze
A4–Thomas Brenneck, W.C. SchaldaOkay My Love
A5–Thomas Brenneck, W.C. SchaldaSha La Da La La
B1–Thomas Brenneck, C. Sanchez, Paul Schalda, W.C. SchaldaThose Years Are Over
B2–W.C. SchaldaDo What
B3–W.C. SchaldaCarnival
B4–W.C. SchaldaYou Never Know Whether
B5–W.C. SchaldaIt's You
B6–W.C. SchaldaLove In The Wind