Theo Parrish / Craig Huckaby - Black Music - 12" Vinyl

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Black Music
Theo Parrish / Craig Huckaby
12" Vinyl


2012 Sound Signature release from Craig Huckaby featuring production from Theo Parrish and Pirahnahead. This is a HOT HOT HOT twelve! "Black Music" is liquid bliss Detroit house. A totally infectious hook repeating over and over while a deep spoken word talks about black music, John Coltrain and Sun Ra in a righteous and invigorating manner. Deliciously long, this is one of the tastiest hooks to come out of Detroit for ages - the searing strings, live bass and soulful backing vocals just sitting perfectly on our ears. <br/><br/>On the flip we get "Child Of The Sun" which features another spoken word, this time about a man / boy named Peanut who everyone called Squirrel. Or is it the other way roung? Anyway, the groove this time is more leftfield and quirky, but still with enough of that Detroit funk to keep everyone’s hips wiggling in the dance. It’s also got one of those nagging thin guitar lines that Theo likes so much to extended and tweak in the mix (remember that super extended James Brown guitar lick edit he used to always play?). <br/><br/>Anyway, after a long introduction the track drops into an amazing live jam with this catchy-as-hell bassline and live Rhodes. Jaw-dropping, the hottest Sound Signature release for a good while. Finally we get the poem acapela, tagged onto the end of the record for creative mixing and sample use.
A–Theo ParrishBlack Music7:45
B1–PirahnaheadChild Of The Sun7:48
B2–Craig HuckabySquirrel (Poem Only)0:59