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Andreas Tilliander (Mokira, TM404) returns with a plunging set of skewed techno dubs for the mightily on-form iDEAL Recordings label, his first new release for the label since the Bias Line 7" in 2010, and the Hateless album released in 2010, both released under his Mokira moniker. Andreas Tilliander has gone some way to making his studio a bastion of dub music within his home city, Stockholm ever since emerging with the Cliphop for Raster-Noton in 2000 and subsequently releasing a whole slew of influential releases for labels including Mille Plateaux, Type, Kontra, and Skudge.

With the heady churn of Compuriddim dispensed under his own name, Tilliander returns to the site of some of his earliest outings, Joachim Nordwall's iDEAL Recordings, with a clutch of warped and murky dub ecologies, firming up as some of the most absorbing iterations of his adroitly smoked-out sound. iDEAL Recordings were first turned on to Tilliander's music via his Ljud LP for Mille Plateaux (2001), and have established an occasional yet crucial relationship ever since, resulting in highlights such as the Dutty & Digital 12" (2004) and the Bias Line 7". The Compuriddim set is the newest and most intoxicatingly textured addition to that collection; six tracks strong in pursuit of an elusive electro-acoustic Geist that lives between the wires of his classic hardware, in the late night air of his studio. In keeping with the classic tenets of dub production -- less-is-more efficiency, constant movement within space -- he executes a sort of psychoacoustic telekinesis with the six parts of Compuriddim, skanking from the spiraling loops of drip bass and drums overlaid with windswept melodica in "Twilight Circuit", to a grumbling but charming dub techno stepper on "Mokirian Tekno", then letting it all go loose and floppy with the sloshing Afracid deviation of "FR777 Skank". "Open Up The CV/Gate" meanwhile kicks off the B-side at a bendy slow/fast bent lodged somewhere between Tin Man and Aphex Twin's slow mo Analord (2005) or Cheetah EP (2016) tracks, followed up by the ragged dub chord stagger of "Return Of The Super Tape", and the sweetest number, "Syncussion Discussion", a bottom-heavy but dainty whorl of 303 dialog seemingly detained for the most squashed and strange corners of the night or morning after. RIYL: Peder Mannerfelt, Frak, Tapes, Pole.
A1Twilight Circuits
A2Mokirian Tekno Trak
A3Fr777 Skank
B1Open Up The Cv/gate
B2Return Of The Super Tape
B3Syncussion Discussion