Timeblind - Most Eye: Rastabomba Remixes - 12" Vinyl

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Most Eye: Rastabomba Remixes
12" Vinyl


Standout track from Timeblind remixed by Kid 606, Kit Clayton, DJ Rupture and Timeblind himself!! 'Most Eye' offers bo' blastin' remixes of 'Rastabomba' the mystical exercise in righteous reggaefied breakbeat-glitch-electronica that kicked off top bloke Chris Sattinger's mighty 'Rugged Redemption' long player. The cut with the unforgettable Jamaican patois vocalisms giving praise to the wonders of 'solar power' and warnings of the evils of globalisation. So kinda hard to imagine this cut being equalled, never mind bettered, I hear you think! Anyhow bring on the remixes, Kid 606 who on 'The Ladies Rmx' rides waves of edgy dub vibration before adding tempered buzzdistorto funk pressure, ragga stylee. Pure. Kit Clayton wrecks with a class r&b glitch stomp, dirty. Chris Timeblind explodes on the 'Pwana Frenzy' mix, the most radically altered re-working so far - stumbling waves of broken frequency pulsations, the vocals taking on an otherworldly righteousness - before hectic drum programming completely throws you off course. Which leaves DJ/Rupture to continue the destruction with female spoken words layered over digital steppa chops with a uber compressed rhythmic torrent. Bruising. CD add's two extra Timeblind versions, one paranoid digital roots pumpa and one that gets downtempo hip hop break heavy with more hefty dancefloor quaking intensions. Purest fire from start to finish.

A1 The Rastabomba (Original) (5:49) A2 The Rastabomba (The Ladies Remix by Kid 606) (6:46) B1 The Rastabomba (Figga Dem Remix by Kit Clayton) (4:25) B2 The Rastabomba (Pwana Frenzy) ((6:01) B3 The Rastabomba (Goin to Meet The Man Remix by DJ /rupture) (4:13)

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