TiRon & Ayomari - A Sucker For Pumps - 2x LP Vinyl

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TiRon & Ayomari
A Sucker For Pumps
12" Vinyl
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The Cafeteria Line & Fat Beats present TiRon & Ayomari - A Sucker For Pumps. A Sucker For Pumps is TiRon & Ayomari’s critically acclaimed 2011 debut album. The album was originally released independently by The Cafeteria Line and features Jeremih, Yummy Bingham, Thundercat, Dream Hampton, Nonchalant Savant, SiR & Anderson .Paak.

iRon and Ayomari are part of a California rap crew named The Cafeteria Line, who have put out a slew of solid releases over the course of the last few years on their Bandcamp page. TiRon has both Ketchup and Mustard to his credit, while Ayomari has The PB&J Solution. Both have appeared on each others' work, and almost every time those songs were the highlights of the album. So a collaborative effort from just these two members of the crew makes complete sense. And the fact that it would turn out to be something special shouldn't have been a surprise either, but even I was unprepared for just how good of an album these two managed to make together.

Making a concept album on the nature of relationships, either dissolving or thriving, is not a new thing. However, what makes this album (a hip-hop album, no less) unique is that it's written by two men, yet it has a viewpoint that is told in equal parts from the male and female perspective. In fact, it could be argued that it leans more on the female perspective side of things throughout. Making something like that sound honest, as well as making sure it never borders on schmaltz, is a tricky task to pull off. Thankfully TiRon and Ayomari make it work with excellent lyrics throughout, with the help of some great production to back them up.
A1Jack Kerouac
A2Her Theme Song
A4If I Had You
B1All My Love
B2The Neighbors
B4No Wonder
C1Thing Go Right
C2I'd Rather
C3You Got It
C4Lot On Your Mind
D3No Filter
D4My Supernova