Tommy Guerrero - Dub Tunes - LP Colored Vinyl

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Dub Tunes
Tommy Guerrero
12" Vinyl


Tommy Guerrero is a Legend. A true activist, a pioneer, since the early 80’s he contributed to bring skateboard culture to today’s global inspiration. He mixed both his passions, music and skateboard to write his unique story. Ed Banger records’ owner Pedro Winter who followed Guerrero’s career since 1989 was dreaming of a collaboration with Tommy. He asked the multi task skater to dig into his cassette tapes and trip with his drum machines. A way to push the artist to produce some more repetitive and minimal tracks.

DUB TUNES is the result of the meeting of two open minded people driven by the passion of music and skateboarding. Tommy Guerrero offers 5 tracks to Ed Banger records. Mixing post-industrial noise, dub echoes and folky routines. TG signs a one of a kind record, full of human emotions mixed with computerized beats.

To complete this EP, another multi task artist came on board. Trevor Jackson known for his undisputed contribution to Dance Music as visual artist and musician reworked 3 tracks. Trevor will take you on three different journeys, showing here again his capacity to go wherever he wants with class. TJ side will please warm up or after-hours DJs, building or tripping, sophisticated electronic music for everyone.

The concept is influenced by a classic Dub record Pedro Winter loves – Lee Perry meets the Mad Professor. Bringing people together. The record cover is a piece of art from American painter Joe Roberts (LSD Worldpeace)