Toro Y Moi - Freaking Out - 12" Vinyl

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**Includes free digital download code redeemable direct from the label** Chaz Bundick is back with a new EP, apparently written and recorded in double-quick time earlier this year, that showcases the most luminscent pop side of his sound. In the main the tracks subscribe to a neat boogie template, replete with squeeling P-funk synths, elastic bass and syn-drums equally evocative of Scritti Politti and Wacko; things get most interesting on the title track, a ruthlessly catchy, plasticized new wave number rendered eerie by an extra dose of reverb and echo FX, but then our boy is actually pretty mad for the filters throughout, making 'Sweet' sound like Hall & Oates if they'd been produced by Daft Punk. Sunny, charismatic and devilishly clever - another score for Toro.

A1 All Alone
A2 Freaking Out
A3 Sweet
B1 Saturday Love
B2 I Can Get Love