Traxman feat. DJ Fred - Slash Time - LP Vinyl+CD

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Slash Time
Traxman feat. DJ Fred
12" Vinyl


LP version with CD. The vinyl features 8 tracks while the included CD contains the entire 14-track album. Traxman, the originating footwork DJ and producer, is now constantly touring Europe, Asia, and the States. Member of Teklife and mastermind of Tekk DJ'z, he is most famous for his classic Da Mind of Traxman series on Planet Mu, begun in 2012 -- not to mention the ghetto house tracks he's released since. In 2015, he released Birds Not Bitches on UK label Albion Records and 5000 on Berlin's Dizzy Tunes. With Slash Time, Traxman returns in full footwork battle glory with an extension -- or, better yet, an upgrade -- to the highly acclaimed EP of the same name released in 2014 on Duck N' Cover. This is not Da Mind of Traxman Vol 3; this is not not a follow-up to Teklife, his great album on Lit City; this is Traxman's most personal and intimate album to date. Each of his releases has made people turn their heads, surprised and stunned at the quality, soul, musicianship, and inspiration, and this one is no different. Taking on a rough edge, this is an accurate document of what it means to grow up, live, and DJ in the projects of Chicago. Beats and cuts sharp as a knife; snares and synths like gunfire. Five tracks feature fellow Tekk DJ'z member and good friend DJ Fred.
C1 No One Winz
C2 Who's Next On Tha Flow
C3 Unstoppable
C4 I Like Two
D1 No Return
D2 Taken A Trip You
D3 Boogie Woogie
D4 We on Mars