Trippie Redd - A Love Letter To You 3 - LP Vinyl

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A Love Letter To You 3
Trippie Redd
12" Vinyl


Despite a growing contingent of Rap Twitter detractors, critics and armchair A&Rs who have soured on the Canton rapper, Trippie Redd is continuing to survive in a landscape that could just have easily consigned him to a role as an also-ran with a brief run of success. His successes are quiet, the wins small, but they’re there. His debut album, Life’s A Trip, sold 72,000 album equivalent units in August and netted him a platinum plaque for “Dark Knight Dummo,” his destructive hit with Travis Scott. He weathered a bad (albeit successful) Diplo song, managed to compete with Young Thug (a frequent feature killer) on his debut, and has turned in enough solid features to make him a considerable threat. Redd is now making some of the best music of his career, even if it isn’t necessarily the type that first broke him through the scene.

With A Love Letter to You 3, Redd is joining the ranks of rappers — Kanye, Lil Yachty, Migos — deploying more than one album in the same calendar year. Surprisingly, Redd seems rejuvenated, not depleted, by the increased pace. In a year when many of his SoundCloud Rap peers are creatively flailing as they pursue sustained success, Redd is now stretching the creative boundaries of his sound, rather than chasing the tired emo rabbit down the proverbial hole. It’s earning him less critical appraisal, and a noticeably less prominent place in conversation, but he’s retained an audience and keeps giving them reasons to listen.
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