Twerk - Otter Ep - 12" Vinyl

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12 years after his last release, Erotus is proud to present the California native Twerk, a.k.a. Shawn Hatfield's new EP, showing the glitch dub techno producer is still in full form with the four slices of hypnotic algorithmic techno only he can present. This is full force computer music on real hardware, as with his LPs on the legendary Force Inc and Mille Plateaux as well as US minimal favorite context labels, the role of Twerk is to be an operator herding his procedural music systems rather than a straight up regular techno mouse clicker, and that's what sets him a clear cut above the rest. "Otter" is precise like a surgeon's knife yet warm like a hug from the aforemented cuddly creature; meticulously tweaked music presented by an artist clearly aware of each and every thing he's committing to tape. And best of all, yes, you can Twerk to it. Essential dub techno.