Various Artists - Alphacut 005 - 12" Vinyl

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Alphacut 005
Various Artists
12" Vinyl
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alphacut strikes back with three deadly weapons of sound, residing somewhere between drum&bass, breakcore, drumfunk and fake-swing. destroying musical borders as usual, the fifth release is darker, faster and much more broken than the ones before. how can this be possible? mmh, just take a listen!

highspeed breakcore artists society suckers from berlin did a somehow unexpected collaboration with thuringia's drum&bass couchpotatoe number one: mze. the suckers' hookline is screwing into your eardrums, while mze's breaks, edits and basslines are hijacking your motion control system. be aware of the outro, when christian gierden shouts "remix!" and gets kinky with miss fink on vocals.

hamburg massive in the house on the flipside: iaka's vinyl debut and long-time alphacut dubplate 'noloop' is chopping up breaks 'til your ears gonna bleed. but don't let him fool you: listen again and experience the even deeper background of the track, putting all the fragments together into a nice breakbeat journey. ride on!

even more hamburg flavour is delivered by the second plainaudio head and familiar alphacut artist cycom. this time his work is digging in distorted breakbeats and deep twisting sounds. three minutes of pure science. not for djs really, but for true music lovers.
A1–Society Suckers & MZEFight6:50
A2–Society Suckers & MZEFight Loop 10:01
A3–Society Suckers & MZEFight Loop 20:01
A4–Society Suckers & MZEFight Loop 30:01
A5–Society Suckers & MZEFight Loop 40:01
B1–Iaka (2)Noloop5:13
B2–Iaka (2)Noloop Loop 10:01
B3–Iaka (2)Noloop Loop 20:01
B4–Iaka (2)Noloop Loop 30:01
B5–CycomDown The Drain2:53
B6–CycomDown The Drain Loop 10:01
B7–CycomDown The Drain Loop 20:01
B8–CycomDown The Drain Loop 30:01