Various Artists - Bangs & Works Vol.1 - 3x LP Vinyl

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Bangs & Works Vol.1
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


One look at the tracklisting for 'Bangs & Works' vol.1 is enough to give even the passing Footwork fan a touch of the jukin' jitters. Planet Mu's most comprehensive and substantial overview of Southside Chicago's younger brother to booty, aka Juke or Footwork, collates a good proportion of those deadly cuts you could only previously hear on youtube or if you were lucky enough, a p*ssy 128k mp3. Of course the quality of either format was never a hindrance to our enjoyment, but now properly pressed on CD and wax it all sounds heavy as hell (even if we do crave a bit of youtube compression every now and again). After LPs from Nate and Roc, this comp looks further out of the ring to producers like DJ Elmoe and the blissful, time expanding suspension of scene classic 'Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man', onto hugely sought after diamonds like RP Boo's spine-tingling dread sci-fi killer 'Eraser' or DJ Yung Tellem's horrifically effective 'Freddy vs Jason'. We could rant about this set allllll day, but if you've acquired a taste for this sh*t it's probably already topping your xmas list. If you haven't, we couldn't recommend a better place to start. ESSENTIAL.
A1 DJ Elmoe - Whea Yo Ghost At, Whea Yo Dead Man 2:29
A2 DJ Rashad - Teknitian 2:43
A3 Tha Pope - Jungle Juke 1:59
A4 DJ Rashad - Itz Not Rite 3:20
B1 DJ Roc - F*ck Dat 2:13
B2 RP Boo - Total Darkness 3:56
B3 DJ Spinn - 2020 3:01
B4 Tha Pope - All The Things 1:36
B5 DJ Killa E - Star Wars 2:00
C1 DJ Roc - One Blood 2:48
C2 RP Boo - Eraser 3:17
C3 DJ Lil Rome & DJ Yung Tellem - Kill Da Circle 1:32
C4 DJ Lil Rome - I Go Hard 2:13
D1 DJ Trouble - Bangs & Works 3:00
D2 DJ Trouble - F*ck Um Up Jus Basics 2:55
D3 DJ Elmoe - Yo Shit F*cked Up 2:24
D4 DJ Yung Tellem - Freddy Vs Jason 2:40
E1 DJ Trouble - Mosh Pit 2:54
E2 Traxman - Compute Funk 2:49
E3 DJ Diamond - Ready Mother F*cka 1:54
E4 DJ Diamond - Freakazoid 3:12
F1 DJ Nate - Ima Dog 2:54
F2 DJ Clent - I Love You 3:48
F3 DJ Nate - He Ain't Bout It 2:28
F4 Traxman - The Comeback 2:34