Various Artists - Door To The Cosmos - Dancefloor Sampler - 12" Vinyl

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Door To The Cosmos - Dancefloor Sampler
12" Vinyl


On the Corner Records was awarded "Label of the Year" at the Worldwide Awards 2018. On The Corner Records is a story of artists and scenes that goes way beyond being a record label. The label is an inimitable mixture of Miles Davis's "call it what you want" attitude, Sun Ra' s Afro futurism, and the ecstatic soul lifting influence of Black music on electronic dance music. On Door to the Cosmos - On the Corner Dancefloor Sampler, DJ and label owner Pete On the Corner has curated a volume of cuts from present and future label family.

On this maxi EP, Venezuela meets India via New York, the street sound of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania pulses through UK jungle. Opener, Dengue Dengue Dengue's "Yodeler", is finally on wax having been as rare-as-hens-teeth dubplate. From psychedelic cumbia to dub, salsa to footwork, tribal to techno, the tropical duo from Peru explore analog and digital rhythms to create their unique sound. New label family, The Diabolical Liberties are stalwart scenesters, Alex Patchwork and Earl Zinger. "River of Sound" tears through the jungle, so jump in for a swim. Uffe is also making his OtC debut. Pete OtC chased him down as he was prolifically dropping jazzed-up and gnarly house after returning to his native Denmark. Black Classical is back after a regenerative hiatus: the mysterious web otherlings reputation underpinned by his 12-hour "spiritual jazz" mix tape that has been living its own life online and across the radio waves over the last decade. "Medassi" is an elixir of deep house.

On the flip, is another fresh-faced recruit to the OtC family. Clive From Accounts's "Moon Buggy" makes it clear he wasn't only paying attention to OtC's numbers. MC Palakata, aka Mosam, is a dancer with a Singeli flow, from the streets of Dar Es Salaam. During an OtC recording session at Nafasi Studio in Dar, Tom Blip worked with Palakata and created this heat. Set alight with Swahili, "Singeli Jungles" is wild. Following on from Planet Battagon's sold-out debut EP of "driod jazz" (OTCR 12011EP, 2018), the Admiral has sent this hard-swinging, future thumper to OtC. "Tugg Luke Endeavour" kicks it to the cosmic dancefloor. "Mudras'" by Sunken Cages remixed here by New York's MPeach, brings more, new OtC family straight to wax. The remix adds "Latinx del Futuro" where hi-energy dance meets low-end bass, adding a lilt of the rhythms from her native Venezuela.
A1Dengue Dengue Dengue! - Yodeller
A2The Diabolical Liberties - River Of Sound
A3Uffe (6) - Free House
A4Black Classical - Medassi
B1Clive From Accounts - Moon Buggy
B2MC Palakata, Tom Blip - Singeli Jungles
B3Planet Battagon - Tugg Luke Endeavour
B4Sunken Cages - Mudras