Various Artists - Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts Of Deep City - 2x LP Vinyl

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Eccentric Soul: The Outskirts Of Deep City
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


Left unexplored by Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label were those narrow roads leading away from the misfits of FAMU's Marching 100 band, out of Deep City, and into its suburbs: the Reid, Sun Cut, and Lloyd labels. Beyond that urban sprawl, arrowed road signs sent us to Concho and Solid Soul. Way out there, inside a closet that time forgot, a box of tapes was waiting. Its masters and cracked acetates filled in areas of the map that we'd always considered lost: unreleased songs by Snoopy Dean and the Rollers; a rumored-to-exist Clarence Reid 45; a flood of instrumentals from the Deep City Band featuring the ex-100s in top form. A new cast of characters emerged; Arnold Albury led us to his Sun Cut archive and the music of The Rising Sun, Lynn Williams, and Perk "The Soul Percolator" Badger. Our own archives yielded left-behind gems from Helene Smith, Betty Wright, Nasty Dog Catchers, and Frank Williams. Willie Clarke canvassed Miami, collecting photographs, flyers, newspaper clippings, and yearbooks, helping us dig deeper than ever before. The result is a rich appendix, not just to our record, but to every other Miami soul compilation ever issued. Double LP features 4 bonus tracks.
A1 –The Rollers (3) Knockin' At The Wrong Door
A2 –Clarence Reid No Way Out
A3 –Helene Smith What's In The Lovin'
A4 –Betty Wright Mr. Lucky
A5 –James Knight & The Butlers There Goes My Baby
A6 –Frank Williams & The Rocketeers (2) Show Me What You Got
B1 –Lynn Williams Don't Be Surprised
B2 –Helene Smith True Love Don't Grow On Trees
B3 –The Rising Sun (3) Do What You're Doin'
B4 –The Rollers (3) One Little Piece
B5 –Clarence Reid Don't Be A Fool
B6 –Helene Smith Wrong Or Right He's My Baby
C1 –Perk Badger Do Your Stuff
C2 –Deep City Band Masterpiece
C3 –Helene Smith Pot Can't Talk About The Kettle
C4 –Betty Wright Thank You Baby
C5 –Nasty Dog Catchers Nasty Dog Pt. 2
C6 –The Rising Sun (3) One Night Affair
D1 –The Rollers (3) Play With Fire Pt. 1
D2 –Snoopy Dean Your Love Won't Let Me Leave You
D3 –James Knight & The Butlers There Goes My Baby (Inst.)
D4 –Johnny K. Killens & The Dynamites Frenchy The Tickler
D5 –Helene Smith True Love Don't Grown On Trees (Inst.)
D6 –The Rollers (3) Play With Fire (Inst.)