Various Artists - Futurism Ain't Sh*t - 2x LP Vinyl

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Futurism Ain't Sh*t
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


Last copy ever?! AWESOME comp, features tracks from PREFUSE 73, DABRYE, ANTIPOP CONSORTIUM, AESOP ROCK, POLE, FUNKSTORUNG, DALEK and so many more!!!

"What have Hip Hop and Futurism in common? If you think of P. Diddy and friends, nothing. The Hip Hop we are talking about is an alternative Hip Hop niche that has developed the last years and has been recently discovered by many electronic labels and producers. Warp, Ninja Tune or Mush started their own 'Alternative' Hip Hop Sublabels (Lex, Big Dada, Dirtyloop). 'Alternative' Hip Hop is playing with powerful & weird noises, groovy beats, strange flows and soft harmonious sounds with dirty industrial elements. Kind of old-school hip hop, electronic minimalistic hiphop, art-noises in the strangest combinations, faraway from all that mainstream stuff in gangsta-style. KYO is trying to provide an insight into this scene that hasn't become one yet. From electronic producers like Pole, Funkstorung, AGF, or the Dub contagioned Meteorites with their feisty rhymes and Readymade FC (F-Com) who don't miss out on having a Juice Alleem Remix to already accepted artists like Aesop Rock, Antipop Consortium, Prefuse 73, the musical genius Gonzales or the Hip Hop-Noise-Terrorists Dalek and acts like The Bench, Dabrye, Dwayne Sodahberk, Shadow Huntaz, Slicker or White Hole. Discover a new scene that is as shiny as the milkyway and as nebulous as the London fog. Many new tracks, acts and labels to enjoy. Come along on a trip to outta Hip Hop space.

A1 Dabrye Making It Pay (3:26)
A2 White Hole Charterflug (5:23)
A3 Pole Umbrella (4:45)
Featuring - Juice Aleem
A4 Ready Made FC* Lonely Boy (Hard Bossa Mix) (4:07)
B1 Chris De Luca & Peabird Bumble Beez (4:33)
B2 AGF Regional Distinctions (3:25)
B3 Prefuse 73 Choking You (4:01)
B4 Dalek Spiritual Healing (3:29)
B5 Funkstorung Appetite For Disctruction (5:18)
C1 Slicker When The Dog Goes Lame (2:27)
Vocals - James Cromwell , Phat Kat
C2 Dwayne Sodahberk Partying Without Inhibition And Dignity (3:44)
C3 Gold Chains and Sue Cie Stay Ahead (5:14)
C4 Meteorites Meteorite (3:33)
C5 Gonzales Futuristic Ain't Sh*t To Me (2:53)
D1 Antipop Consortium Ping Pong (2:42)
Co-producer - Earl Blaize Producer - M. Sayyid
D2 Shadow Huntaz Pevic (5:08)
D3 Aesop Rock Bent Life (4:49)
Featuring - C-Rayz Walz Producer - Blockhead
D4 Bench, The Rechenzentrum Remix (3:42)