Various Artists - Halftime Schmoosteps Ep - 12" Vinyl

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Halftime Schmoosteps Ep
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


Sixth release in Alphacut's Third Wave Series - UK meets Finland meets Poland by way of Germany: Alphacuts have recruited a crack team of forward-thinkers for their latest dispatch. Ridgway pushes the button with a star-lit halftime hybrid that borders on pure trance such is it euphoric width and scope. Deeper again Out Of Fuel provide the most junglistic cut of the EP with echoes of Photek in the drums and spatial dynamic. On the B: Elemental balances an unforgiving experimental aesthetic with a bassline that bounces with London pride and we finalise with Material's DBR-style doomy halftime roller "Tons Dub" that was tailor made for deep mix pleasure.
A1–Dominic RidgwayHydrocele5:37
A2–Out Of FuelWildfire5:39
A3–Dominic RidgwayHydrocele Loop 10:01
A4–Dominic RidgwayHydrocele Loop 20:01
A5–Dominic RidgwayHydrocele Loop 30:01
A6–Dominic RidgwayHydrocele Loop 40:01
A7–Dominic RidgwayHydrocele Loop 50:01
A8–Out Of FuelWildfire Loop 10:01
A9–Out Of FuelWildfire Loop 20:01
A10–Out Of FuelWildfire Loop 30:01
A11–Out Of FuelWildfire Loop 40:01
A12–Out Of FuelWildfire Loop 50:01
C1–Elemental (4)Step In Line6:17
C2–Material (4)16 Tons Dub5:34
C3–Elemental (4)Step In Line Loop 10:01
C4–Elemental (4)Step In Line Loop 20:01
C5–Elemental (4)Step In Line Loop 30:01
C6–Elemental (4)Step In Line Loop 40:01
C7–Elemental (4)Step In Line Loop 50:01
C8–Material (4)16 Tons Dub Loop 10:01
C9–Material (4)16 Tons Dub Loop 20:01
C10–Material (4)16 Tons Dub Loop 30:01
C11–Material (4)16 Tons Dub Loop 40:01
C12–Material (4)16 Tons Dub Loop 50:01

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