Various Artists - LOMA Soul Love Affair Vol 3 - LP Vinyl

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LOMA Soul Love Affair Vol 3
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


From late 1964 until late 1968, Loma stood as the subsidiary of Warner Brothers Records aimed directly at the singles market. During its four year lifespan, the label released over 100 singles and a handful of albums, the vast majority of which reflected the collective taste of the men that guided Loma and thereby the evolution of a distinctive artform: soul music. Viewed objectively, it would be incorrect to compare Loma to the other great R&B repositories of the mid-1960s. It was strictly an adjunct of a bigger label, a commercially-minded operation that threw product at the wall hoping for a hit to stick. But the choices made by those three main participants in charge of the Loma roster–Bob Krasnow, Russ Regan, and Jerry Ragovoy–have gone on to become cherished totems to legions of music aficionados around the globe, for whom chart statistics say little, while a simple 45 with a burnt yellow label can shake them to the very core. What was once regarded as failure has, in the years since, paradoxically become a story of soulful success. The four volumes of Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair are the result of several years of in-depth research into the Loma vault. This first installment concerns itself with the category that has made Loma such a celebrated imprint to fans: Northern soul aimed strictly at the dancefloor. Acknowledged floor-fillers like Ben Aiken’s “Satisfied” and Ike & Tina Turner’s “Somebody (Somewhere) Needs You” nestle with sought-after rarities by The Soul Shakers, Marvellos, and Voice Box. There are classics from The Olympics and Apollas, overlooked gems by The Jammers and Paul Days, an unissued stomper from Bobby Freeman, and the legendarily withdrawn single by Bob & Earl. With full historical notes on artist and label history and rare pieces of ephemera, Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair is a fresh and invigorating celebration of one of 60s soul’s most storied imprints.
A1 –Linda Jones Hypnotized
A2 –The Autographs Sad, Sad Feeling (Part One)
A3 –The Enchanters (5) I Paid For The Party
A4 –The Invincibles (2) Can't Win
A5 –Carl Hall He'll Never Love You
A6 –Bobby Reed I Wanna Love You So Bad
A7 –Ben Aiken If I Told You Once (I Told You A Million Times)
B1 –Bobby Freeman Shadow Of Your Love
B2 –Jerry Williams Jr. I'm The Lover Man
B3 –Bob & Earl Just One Look In Your Eyes
B4 –Mary Lee Whitney Don't Come A' Knockin'
B5 –Tommy Starr Better Think Of What You're Losing
B6 –The Enchanters (5) To Get Your Love Back
B7 –The Realistics (2) If This Ain't Love

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