Various Artists - Mis-Information: Developed Inconsistencies: Akapella 2 - LP Vinyl

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Mis-Information: Developed Inconsistencies: Akapella 2
Various Artists
12" Vinyl
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if you're looking for some vocal samples on vinyl, this might be the craziest sample record you can find. Check the tracklisting…
A1–Unknown ArtistThis Recording Is Unnecessary
A2–Manson Klan*This Is Us
A3–Cornell WestOn Your Own Terms
A4–Terre ThaemlitzWalking Away
A5–Cirque Du SoleilGive Your Soul To Touch Their Hearts
A7–Unknown ArtistChick Passed Out & I Pissed In Her Face
A8–Max Romeo & The UpsettersLucifer, Son Of The Morning
A9–Unknown ArtistLucifer's Corruption
A10–Beethoven (4)Artist
A11–Bill WithersMediocrity
A12–Guy KawasakiCoasting
A13–Henry RollinsHouse Music
A14–Bill MaherHouse Music
A15–Terre ThaemlitzRomanticization
A16–Unknown ArtistA Softening
A17–Unknown ArtistLikely I Was Smoking Pot
A18–Unknown ArtistWe Didn't Mess Around With Any Hard Drugs
A19–Unknown ArtistLSD's Children
A20–Unknown ArtistNo!
A21–Dogtown (2)The Pool
A22–Jack White (2)Repetition
A23–Phillippe PetiteWhy?
A24–Kevin SpaceyWanting People To Listen
A25–Bill MaherSuicide
A26–Unknown ArtistThe Feeble Minded
A27–David LynchIdeas
A28–Noam ChomskyControl Of Opinion
A29–Bukowski*The Genius Of The Crowd
A30–Unknown ArtistOne Awful Man
A31–Unknown ArtistLife Was Unalterably Changing
A32–Unknown ArtistThe Unforeseen
A33–Unknown ArtistThe End Of The World
A34–Unknown ArtistNuclear Weapons
A35–Unknown ArtistIs Hope Possible?
A36–Unknown ArtistCha-Ching
A37–Bill WithersSold Out
A38–Unknown ArtistThe Cost Of Everything The Value Of Nothing
A39–RadTake What You Can Get
A40–Bukowski*You Have My Soul & I Have Your Money
A41–Ed Norton*Fuck This City
A42–The Red QueenIdiot!
A43–Unknown ArtistEverything Seems So Mediocre
A44–Jack White (2)Totally Organic!
A45–Unknown ArtistThe Trees Seem Sad
A46–Unknown ArtistTake A Shit On That Guys Doorstep
A47–Unknown ArtistIt's So Wrong That It's Right
A48–Hubert Selby Jr.Here's The Problem
A49–Neil YoungYou Go Up & You Go Down
A50–Kenny ShopsinYou're Not That Great
A51–Bernie WorrellThat's The Price Of Being Free
A52–Unknown ArtistMagick Ritual
A53–Charles MansonThe Truth
A54–Unknown ArtistOnly Way Not To Know Is To Not Wanna Know
A55–Unknown ArtistGet Married, Have Kids
A56–Patti SmithI Don't Fuck Much With The Past
A57–Unknown ArtistWe Are What You Made Us
A58–Unknown ArtistAs We Are Not As We Would Like To Imagine We Are
A59–Unknown ArtistCaught Between The Past & The Future
A60–Unknown ArtistObjectivity Is A Lie
B1–Unknown ArtistOh, Hello
B2–Unknown ArtistFuck You
B3–Unknown ArtistI Champion The Weak
B4–Unknown ArtistOriginal Sin
B5–Cornell WestTo Thy Own Self Be True
B6–Unknown ArtistGenerosity Of His Genius
B7–Willie Wonka (2)Candy Doesn't Have To Have A Point
B8–Unknown ArtistChildren Denied Nothing
B9–Maurice SendakChildren
B10–Saul WilliamsChildren Of The Night
B11–MandrillUniversal Rhythms
B12–YayaGlass Houses
B13–BjörkLook On The Outside As I Feel On The Inside
B14–Anna WintourNo Looking Back
B15–Jack White (2)Technology, A Disease You Have To Fight
B16–Neil YoungForward
B17–Unknown ArtistDon't Apologize
B18–Unknown ArtistDoor Of Glass Pain
B19–Unknown ArtistNothing To Do With Holding Hands
B20–Alan MooreMagick
B21–Jack White (2)I'm Always Worried About Being Satisfied
B22–Unknown ArtistWe're Not Going To Avoid Complexity
B23–Neil YoungSomething To Avoid Repeating
B24–Jim MorrisonHow Many Of You People Know You're Really Alive
B25–Unknown ArtistGrief + Nothing = You Know You're Alive When Your Sad
B26–Unknown ArtistThe Fate Of Innovation
B27–Bukowski*Pain Without Reason
B28–Unknown ArtistNothing Was Ever Accomplished With Tears
B29–Unknown ArtistQuit Crying, Start Trying!
B30–Bukowski*Drink, Write & Fuck
B31–Unknown ArtistFucking
B32–Unknown ArtistWomen Sense Power, They Seek The Life Essence
B33–Unknown ArtistGold Tooth In God's Crooked Smile
B34–Unknown ArtistJesus Christ Died With A Hardon
B35–Bill MaherDoubt Is Humble
B36–Unknown ArtistDie In An Evil Place
B37–Unknown ArtistIn My Mind I Am Somewhere Else
B38–Unknown ArtistSanity
B39–Unknown ArtistIn A Different Space
B40–Miles DavisBalance
B41–Unknown ArtistYou've Seen The Pattern
B42–Jack White (2)This Whole New World Has Opened Up In Front Of Me
B43–Unknown ArtistOff Your Head
B44–Unknown ArtistWho If I Cried Out?
B45–Jim MorrisonSpy In The House Of Love
B46–Isiah ZagarLove
B47–Unknown ArtistThe World Is Beautiful
B48–Unknown ArtistBitch!
B49–Unknown ArtistBernie Worrell
B50–Unknown ArtistYoung & Jerkin' Off
B51–Nick HallstromLonely
B52–Unknown ArtistGod Hates Fags
B53–Unknown ArtistVirgins Fucked Right Away
B54–Molly CantorAnal Sex