Various Artists - Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump - 2x LP Vinyl

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Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


Once again, Lagos of the 1970s is the focal point, a hotbed of fusions and hybrids combining street styles like juju with highlife and 'East meets West' Afrofunk sounds. The 1960s saw an influx of music from America, with rock & roll, blues, jazz and eventually Jamaican ska all making their way into Nigerian record collections. Even psychedelia showed up on African shores (see The Immortals' 'Hot Tears' for details), and this clearly impacted significantly on a generation of artists. The earliest bulletins from this cross-cultural melting pot are exemplified by these recordings, by Sir Shina Peters, Ashanti Afrika Jah, Peter King, Chief Checker, The Faces (not the one with Rod Stewart in) and Eric (Showboy) Akaeze & His Royal Ericos amongst many key artists of the era.

A1 Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats - Ezuku Buzo 2:55
A2 Ify Jerry Krusade - Everybody Likes Something Good 3:29
A3 Sir Shina Peters And His International Stars - Yabis 6:59
A4 Olufemi Ajasa And His New Nigerian Bros - Aiye Le 3:07
B1 Ashanti Afrika Jah - Onyame 4:56
B2 Sir Victor Uwaifo & His Melody Maestroes - Dododo (Ekassa No.1) 5:18
B3 Peacocks Guitar Band - Eddie Quansa 4:24
B4 Rex Williams - You Are My Heart 3:15
C1 Peter King - African Dialects 4:58
C2 Chief Checker - Ire Africa 5:41
C3 Eddie Okwedy - Happy Survival 3:08
D1 Tony Tete Harbor And The Star Heaters Of Nigeria - Tete Muo Bu Muo 5:11
D2 Eric (Showboy) Akaeze And His Royal Ericos - Wetin De Watch Goat, Goat Dey Watcham 10:10
D3 Immortals, The (5) - Hot Tears 2:49