Various Artists - Pop Ambient 2011 - LP Vinyl+CD

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Pop Ambient 2011
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


Always entering the year in style, Kompakt deliver their Pop Ambient installment for 2011. This edition collects crucial downbeat and atmospheric electronic gems from a cast including Alva Noto & Blixa Bargeld's ANBB project, Marsen Jules, Wolfgang Voigt, BVdub, Mikkel Metal, Barnt, Jurgen Paape, and the evocatively titled Bhutan Tiger Rescue, among others. ANBB make a distinguished entrance with 'Bernsteinzimmer', a darkly romantic orchestration of droning strings, implosive bass detonations and Blixa's pained croon. From the vanguard of contemporary classical, Marsen Jules paints an arresting landscape with 'Once In A Moment' and Wolfgang Voigt returns close to the expansive Gas sound with the slow breathing harmonics of 'Ruckverzauberung'. Notably, Ewan Pearson and October's Bhutan Tiger Rescue project makes its debut with the dreamy microcosm of 'Beginner's Waltz' and the Magazine label's Cologne-based Barnt offers a highlight with the uneasy ambience of 'Libretto', almost reminding of Black To Comm. Like every year, you know that there's a lot of time and patience gone into assembling and sequencing these comps, as you'll no doubt find out when ingesting it at a 9am post-rave.
A1 ANBB - Bernsteinzimmer
A2 Marsen Jules - Once In A Moment
A3 Triola - Dunkelraum
A4 Wolfgang Voigt - Ruckverzauberung 1
A5 Bhutan Tiger Rescue - Beginner's Waltz
A6 Mikkel Metal - The Other Side Of You
B1 Jurgen Paape - Ein Schoner Land
B2 Bvdub - Make The Pain Go Away
B3 Crato - 30.6.1881
B4 Barnt - Libretto
B5 Jens-Uwe Beyer - Volax
CD-1 ANBB - Bernsteinzimmer
CD-2 Marsen Jules - Once In A Moment
CD-3 Triola - Dunkelraum
CD-4 Wolfgang Voigt - Ruckverzauberung 1
CD-5 Bhutan Tiger Rescue - Beginner's Waltz
CD-6 Jurgen Paape - Ein Schoner Land
CD-7 Bvdub - Make The Pain Go Away
CD-8 Crato - 30.6.1881
CD-9 Barnt - Libretto
CD-10 Mikkel Metal - The Other Side Of You
CD-11 Jens-Uwe Beyer - Volax
CD-12 Thomas Fehlmann - Titan