Various Artists - Pop Ambient 2012 - LP Vinyl+CD

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Pop Ambient 2012
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


**includes a free copy of the album on CD** Kompakt's annual ambient round-up lands with lovely offerings from Wolfgang Voigt & Jorg Burger's new project, Mohn, plus Superpitcher, Magazine, Marsen Jules, Simon Scott and BVDub among others. The Mohn track 'Manifesto' opens proceedings with an exercise in sublimely opiated but grungy electronics; cloud formations of padded, Gas-like textures circulate the soundsphere with an unhurried and somnambulant grace, cleansing the palette for the tantalising melody of Superpitcher's 'Jackson'. Further in, Cologne's Magazine collective deliver an album highlight with the smooth harmonic contours of 'The Visitors Bureau' and Wolfgang Voigt is in full symphonic flight again for the exquisite 'Ruckverzauberung 5'. Meanwhile, unlike everyone else, Marsen Jules is unafraid to deploy percussion on the lush, tumbling structures of 'Swans Reflecting Elephants', which strongly reminds of moments from Biosphere's beautiful 'Dropsonde' album, leaving ex-Slowdive man, Simon Scott to submerge us in the serene, strung-out dronescape 'For Martha', and Axel Willner's Loops Of Your Heart ensemble fade to close with the burbling kosmiche intimacy of 'Riding The Bikes'.
A1 Mohn - Manifesto
A2 Superpitcher - Jackson
A3 Morek - Pan
A4 Magazine (3) - The Visitors Bureau (Magazine Edit)
A5 Marsen Jules - Swans Reflecting Elephants
B1 Wolfgang Voigt - Ruckverzauberung 5
B2 Triola - Richmodis
B3 Bvdub - Your Loyalty Lies Long Forgotten
B4 Simon Scott - For Martha
B5 Loops Of Your Heart - Riding The Bikes
CD-1 Mohn - Manifesto
CD-2 Superpitcher - Jackson
CD-3 Morek - Pan
CD-4 Magazine (3) - The Visitors Bureau (Magazine Edit)
CD-5 Triola - Richmodes
CD-6 Wolfgang Voigt - Ruckverzauberung 5
CD-7 Bvdub - Your Loyalty Lies Long Forgotten
CD-8 Marsen Jules - Swans Reflecting Elephants
CD-9 Simon Scott - For Martha
CD-10 Loops Of Your Heart - Riding The Bikes