Various Artists - Pro Bono Publico - 2x LP Vinyl

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Pro Bono Publico
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


It's a bit difficult to come to grips with this magnificent album - sometimes things just fit in together so perfectly that there appears to be an element of the supernatural at play. Five handpicked artists - Pan American, Kim Hiorthoy, Iso68 and the inspired collaboration between Corker and Conboy, each delivering 3 tracks that share the same delicate accoustic/electronic sensibilities. These kind of assembled, pre-ordained compilations rarely work, often coming across as just too controlled or presumptious, tracks that end up sounding either completely random or far too homogeneous for their own good. And yet, on this collection, each passing moment seems to add to a piece of work that, hollistically, makes for one of the most enjoyable listens we've had all year. From Mark Nelson's inspired accoustic work as Pan American on the opening `Settling Dust', to the life affirming toys and boxes tinkering of the multi-talented Kim Hiorthoy, to Thomas Leboeg's oft overlooked masterpiece efforts as Iso68 (deep double basses and delicate electronic groundwork that Robert Lippok would be proud of...) to the dusty, sweeping lullaby's of Corker and Conboy - otherwise known as Soul Circuit. A record that displays not only the deeply noteworthy array of talent scattered across these 5 artists, but also the flawless selection skills displayed by the label itself. Unmissable.

A1 Pan*American Settling Dust
A2 Kim Hiorthoy Moblera Rum
A3 ISO68 Engel Korrigiert
B1 Corker / Conboy Kite
B2 Pan*American Sleep & Fall
B3 Corker / Conboy Akka
C1 ISO68 Here / There
C2 Kim Hiorthoy Evil House, Evil Day
C3 Corker / Conboy And Five
D1 Pan*American 2 Streams
D2 Kim Hiorthoy In Real Life I Am Useless
D3 ISO68 Est Plus