Various Artists - PSYCH-FUNK 103:Sa-Re-Ga! - 2x LP Vinyl

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PSYCH-FUNK 103:Sa-Re-Ga!
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


**Now on double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve** Eyes forward, kids, for the 2nd mind-melting 'Psych Funk' comp, covering "Aesthetic Expressions of Psychedelic Funk Music In India: 1970-1983". Featuring 20 Indian psych-funk masterpieces and accompanied by a 52-page, in-depth color booklet, this is about the most comprehensive, nuanced and knowledgeable document of this topic you'll find, compiled by the very trustworthy heads behind the 'Psych Funk 101' session and the awesome 'Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas'. Almost unsurprisingly there's a large contribution from that towering figure of modern Indian music, R.D. Burman, and a number of tracks by the influential brothers Kalyanji Anandji and their experiments in the fusion of classical traditions of Hindustani and Carnatic music, with bhangra, dandiya and the Western styles of pysch and funk. These are complemented by songs from the legendary Simla Beat garage-psych LPs and even European takes on the sound with Klaus Doldinger's fat-assed and fuzzed-up 'Sitar Beat'. If you've never encountered this stuff before, prepare to be blown away by cuts like Atomic Forest's Deep Purple cover 'Mary Long', the entrancing, ornate guitar spirals of X'Lents' 'Psychedelia' and the steamy lysergic sensuality of Bappi Lahari's 'Everybody Dance With Me'. The compilers, World Psychedelic Funk Classics have done a sterling job, packing in a brain-frying amount of information and cherry-picking only the most crucial cuts. Followers of the Finders Keepers reissues, the 'Sitar Beat!' comps or those wanting to get deeper into the history of Indian music should consider this album a priority. Highly recommended!!!

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