Various Artists - Random Rap 1987-1988 - 12" Vinyl

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Random Rap 1987-1988
Various Artists
12" Vinyl
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The golden age of Hip Hop, many argue, took place in the years of 1987 and 1988. It was a time when groundbreaking artists like Boogie Down Productions and Eric B. and Rakim burst onto the scene with original and fresh new sounds. During such an incredible and enjoyable time period for the music, it was undoubtedly impossible to hear every single release that was pressed up on 12" vinyl. While many releases by unknown groups surely deserved to be ignored, there are always exceptions, and to those who are lucky enough to get their hands on certain lesser-known records, they can be ecstatic to find unbelievable slices of Hip Hop rarity.

Today, through the evolution of global networking via the Internet and an increasing resurgence in golden age rap interest, a sub genre of Old School Hip Hop has been born, dubbed "Random Rap." A niche genre that has grown increasingly elitist as of late has made a complete 180 and become enjoyable and accessible again with Madison Square Garage's brand new "Random Rap: 1987-1988" compilation, an offering that boasts a collection of some of random rap's finest and simultaneously rarest vinyl selections.

As opposed to haphazardly grouping selections with no rhyme or reason, Madison Square Garage has done something unique here and brought together a collection of songs that almost all have a common thread- the involvement of the legendary late producer, Paul C.

Paul C., who's music career was cut tragically short by an unsolved murder in 1989 at the age of 24, was best know for his work with Hip Hop greats like the Ultramagnetic MCs, Super Lover Cee and Casanova Rud, Mikey Dee, and the aforementioned Eric B. and Rakim. However, he managed to have his hands on the boards for many other releases between 1987 and 1988, with the best of the best being compiled for this comp. From Phase and Rhythms' "Hyperactive" to Sport "G" and Mastermind's "Live," fans of the golden age sound will have trouble ignoring these recently unearthed gems.

Sonically remastered and presented here for the first time on LP, "Random Rap" stands alone, separated from the bulk of golden age compilations most notably for the fact that it is truly enjoyable. As the genre of random rap too often is marred by collector's who forget that quality should come before rarity, this album offers only the releases that serve as a snapshot of all that Hip Hop should be, highlighted by incredible beats, skilled mixes and infectious MCs with unique personality. With the all-too-soon loss of Paul C., the world was only given short discography of a very talented musician. His name and influence would be kept alive by his protege, the Large Professor, well into the new millennium. Finally, to further solidify his legacy, some of his greatest lesser-known work has been made available to rap fans once again. Do not miss your opportunity to own a truly jaw-dropping collection of hard-to-find material while supplies last!

A1 Heartbeat Brothers, The Time To Get Paid (4:00)
A2 Heartbeat Brothers, The Can We Do This (4:14)
A3 Heartbeat Brothers, The Bring In The Bassline (4:31)
A4 Sport "G" And Mastermind Louder (3:14)
A5 Sport "G" And Mastermind Live (4:00)
B1 Sport "G" And Mastermind Live (Remix) (3:50)
B2 Phase And Rhythm* Hyperactive (3:50)
B3 Phase And Rhythm* Brainfood (3:43)
B4 360deg. (2) Pelon (3:37)
B5 Live N' Effect Posse I'm Getting Physical (3:24)