Various Artists - Soul Sok Sega - 2x LP Vinyl

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Soul Sok Sega
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


Following successful excursions into rare tropical and island sounds with the ‘Sofrito’ series, ‘Haiti Direct’ and ‘Calypsoul 70’ albums, Strut Records turns its focus to the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius for a new compilation, ‘Soul Sok Séga’.Séga first developed as an insular music and dance form after slaves arrived on Mauritius (then île de France) from East Africa and Madagascar during the 17th to 19th centuries, using Créole language and rhythms played on the large ravanne circular drum, the triangle and the maravanne, a box filled with dried seeds. Séga was essentially frowned upon and marginalised by the Mauritian bourgeois until the 1950s when singer Ti Frère began to play a more Westernised fusion of séga. Through Ti Frère and his contemporaries like Serge Lebrasse, the music began to be popularised during the ‘60s and became fully accepted after the ‘Night Of The Morne’ event in 1964 as the Créole community asserted ist cultural identity. ‘Soul Sok Séga’ documents the heyday of séga in Mauritius during the 1970s as a new generation of contemporary artists broke through. Jazz, soul, funk and rock elements all began to be effortlessly infused into traditional séga folk roots to create some inspired fusions. A talented new wave of artists including Jean- Claude, Claudio, Marie Josée and Roger Clency became domestic stars and began to take the music to international stages for the first time. Meanwhile, cult artists like the James Brown-influenced Ti L’Afrique, Coulouce and Christophe all enjoyed a more brief but important moment in the spotlight.Since this era, séga has now been adopted as the national music of Mauritius and the original ‘70s music is a revelation for any fans of tropical music and world sounds. Strut’s album features extensive sleeve notes from long time Mauritian cultural champion, Percy Yip Tong, including new artist interviews, photos and original vinyl artwork. The compilation is by DJ duo La Basse Tropicale (Natty Hô and Konsöle), based in the neighbouring island of La Reunion. All formats are unmixed, with all tracks never reissued internationally since they were originally available. An accompanying European tour featuring Ti L’Afrique, Jean Claude and Claudio with an all-star band of original musicians is planned for Summer 2016.
A1 –Ti L'Afrique Soul Sock Séga
A2 –Jean-Claude (3) Mademoiselle
A3 –Georgie Joe Eliza
A4 –John Kenneth Nelson Manuel Bitor
A5 –Marie Josée* & Roger Clency La Vie En Badinage
B1 –Claudio* Bonom Chinois
B2 –Les Stardust Sega Lenoir
B3 –Coulouce L'Amour Artificiel
B4 –Caludio* Bhaï Aboo
B5 –Christophe (60) Mo Parrain
C1 –Cyril Labonne Pop Soul Séga
C2 –Harold Berty Mone Laisser Dire Toi
C3 –Michel Legris Elida
C4 –Catherine Velienne Mo Mari Fini Allé
C5 –Jean-Claude (3) Séga Souval
D1 –Ramone (6) Nouveau Venu Dans L'Endroit
D2 –John Kenneth Nelson Z'Enfant Misère
D3 –Georges Jean Louis Afro Mauricien
D4 –Yoyo (10) Coco Mamzelle
D5 –Christian Tossé Madame Zean

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