Various Artists - The Gqom Trilogy - 3x LP Vinyl

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The Gqom Trilogy
12" Vinyl


Highlighting the continuing evolution of Durban's globally influential gqom sound, this special trilogy of releases showcases three separate artists from South Africa's fertile musical landscape. The set captures a fresh wave of gqom innovation from veteran producer DJ Skothan aka DJ Scoturn, DJ Scriby, and 20-year-old DJ MaRiiO.

DJ Skothan has been a key figure in Durban's underground scene for many years, producing alongside Phelimuncasi, Bhejani, Tweeyking, Lafaristo, MaRiiO and DJ MP3. His gqom and house tracks have quietly provided a rumbling engine for the city's scene, and "Nevegation" is his debut full-length, providing a complex diagram of his dancefloor versatility. This isn't the gqom you might expect to hear: immediately on opener 'The Gringo' familiar sounds - shovel kicks, chopped vocals, sampled gasps, horror movie strings - are shuffled into atypical patterns, creating jerky soundscapes rather than the expected four-on-the-floor bump.

25-year-old DJ Scriby has been working behind the scenes since 2013, assisting the first wave of gqom innovators promote their sound both inside Durban and beyond. In 2017 he joined London's Trax Couture to release "The Clermont EP", and here he introduces his long-awaited follow-up "Izingoma zeGqomu". Scriby's approach to gqom is well-studied and self-aware, which gives him the ability to stretch the sound's scope across the diaspora: just peep the Atlanta trap synths on the dynamic 'Friday 13th', or the absorption of tight grime snares on opening track 'Goi'.

The youngest artist featured in the collection, DJ MaRiiO started producing when he was just 12 years old, watching YouTube production videos. "No one told me how to use FL Studio," he admits, "and no one helped me doing different genres." This might be why his music sounds so completely unique; the basic structure of gqom is still present, but MaRiiO augments these elements with youthful energy and carefree use of unusual sounds and production methods. "Zulu Man" opener 'GQom NyeGe' manages to mash together trance synths, DMZ bass and a driving woodblock rhythm that reminds you of its Durban roots, while the bizarre 'Ngom ya Phesh', featuring MaRiiO's regular collaborator Hot Chicks on vocals, pushes the gqom template into the red, with overdriven kicks and disorienting environmental sounds.

All three records provide a 360 degree view of Durban's contemporary underground, nodding to the past, present and future of gqom. It's a genre that's constantly in flux as it moves from South Africa's bedrooms and basements to main stages and movie screens across the globe.
Izingoma Zegqomu (HK039)
A1DJ Scriby - Goi
A2DJ Scriby - Esheee!!!
A3DJ Scriby - Friday 13th
A4DJ Scriby - Igqom Libuye
B1DJ Scriby - Ouuu1
B2DJ Scriby - Qumqum!!!
B3DJ Scriby - S3
B4DJ Scriby - Siyangqongqoza
B5DJ Scriby - The Night
Zulu-Man (HK040)
A1DJ Mariio - Gqom Nyege
A2DJ Mariio - Pink Light
A3DJ Mariio - Ngom Ya Phesh
A4DJ Mariio - IZandia
B1DJ Mariio - umShini
B2DJ Mariio - Ixhaphozi
B3DJ Mariio - Uskukela
B4DJ Mariio - Ubhuku
Nevegation (HK041)
C1Dj Skothane - The Gringo
C2Dj Skothane - Salut To Phelimuncasi
C3Dj Skothane - Salut To DJ Lag
C4Dj Skothane - Qhafaza
D1Dj Skothane - Section A
D2Dj Skothane - Shadow
D3Dj Skothane - The King Of Gqom
D4Dj Skothane - Congo Dance
D5Dj Skothane - Uzalo