Various Artists - The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story - LP Vinyl

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The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story
12" Vinyl


Reissue of The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story, originally released in 1975. They say: "Composite themes and incidental cues for dramatic application". Be With Records say: Well, it's definitely dramatic. No wonder this LP was mined by a multitude of '70s and '80s crime shows. Much like Beat Incidental, this true gem includes a raft of enjoyable sub-ten second incidental cues alongside satisfyingly stretched out, hard-knocking sleuth-funk. The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story is a real library-head's library album. You'll be treated to some of the best works of no less than five different heavyweights of the genre: drummer Brian Bennett, guitarist Clive Hicks (of The Gentle Rain), saxophonist Duncan Lamont, rock bassist Dave Richmond, and keyboard session giant Steve Gray. Something of a dream line-up, they each contributed stellar efforts to create one of the most sought-after of the legendary KPM albums. Both sides of this LP are dripping with insidious grooves and dramatic spy-score themes, bursting with heavy guitars, swirling flutes, creeping piano-funk, and drum breaks galore.

Originally released in 1975, it's clear that these library heroes were heavily influenced by the tough funk and street soul sonics emerging from the cutting-edge Blaxploitation soundtracks. Dave Richmond's taut swagger and wah-wah guitar licks of "Nightwatch", Steve Gray's sleazy horn and clav-funk on the A-side opener "Theme For A Hunter" and Brian Bennett's rolling strut of "The Investigator" are just three of the highlights here. That last one being sampled by Jeff Jank under his Captain Funkaho guise on "My 2600" for Stones Throw back in 1999. As with all of Be With Records' KPM re-issues, the audio for The Hunter (Drama Suite) / Adventure Story comes from the original analog tapes and has been remastered by Simon Francis. Sleeve reproduction duties by Richard Robinson, the current custodian of KPM's brand identity. 180 gram vinyl.
The Hunter (Drama Suite)
A1–Steve GrayTheme For A Hunter2:13
A2–Steve GrayThe Hunter (Link 1)0:09
A3–Steve GrayThe Hunter (Link 2)0:07
A4–Steve GrayThe Hunter (Link 3)0:06
A5–Dave RichmondHeavy Lead1:43
A6–Duncan LamontUneasy Silence2:05
A7–Brian BennettHideout2:55
A8–Brian BennettHideout (Shock)0:05
A9–Brian BennettHideout (Let Down)0:12
A10–Clive HicksApproach1:59
A11–Clive HicksApproach (Shock)0:05
A12–Clive HicksApproach (Sting)0:05
A13–Clive HicksApproach (Exclamation)0:05
A14–Steve GrayFlashing Knives1:19
A15–Clive HicksSolid Pursuit1:04
A16–Brian BennettFlying Squad1:07
A17–Dave RichmondNightwatch2:43
Adventure Story
B1–Brian BennettAdventure Story1:22
B2–Brian BennettAdventure Story (Link 1)0:08
B3–Brian BennettAdventure Story (Link 2)0:08
B4–Brian BennettThe Investigator3:22
–Clive HicksPassing Hours Suite(4:17)
B5aPt. 11:19
B5bPt. 21:28
B5cPt. 30:55
B5dPt. 40:35
B6–Steve GrayThe Set Up2:00
B7–Duncan LamontStake Out2:18
B8–Dave RichmondKnife Edge1:35
B9–Brian BennettSpeed Trap0:53
B10–Brian BennettSpeed Trap (Link)0:10
B11–Duncan LamontBattle1:00
B12–Duncan LamontBattle (Link 1)0:04
B13–Duncan LamontBattle (Link 2)0:15
B14–Steve GrayAttack0:50
B15–Dave RichmondCasing The Joint1:30
B16–Dave RichmondThe Foil1:28
B17–Brian BennettScream0:07
B18–Dave RichmondMeanwhile0:07

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