Various Artists - The Real Sound Of Chicago (Underground Disco From The Windy City) - 2x LP Vinyl

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The Real Sound Of Chicago (Underground Disco From The Windy City)
12" Vinyl


2016 repress - In 2009, the legendary (now sorely missed) Chicago record store Mr Peabody entered a new phase by teaming up with London’s powerhouse BBE Music to bring their hidden gems to the forefront of dance-floors around the world. Mark & Mike’s selection was like no other – definitely geared for sophisticated crowds that are brave enough to venture off into the wild and experimental.

Chicago has always been a place that had talented musicians. It has been a hub for soul, funk, blues, and jazz for generations. The significance of the Real Sound of Chicago release in disco compilation terms is that many Chicago private disco labels never made it out of the city. Just like Chicago house music. That is why in many cases the records here are higher priced on a collectors market generally. Some Chicago artists never had the resources to have their music distributed properly on a global scale.

The contribution of Chicago to popular black American music has always been immense from accomplished soul, blues, hip hop, house and jazz musicians from Herbie Hancock, Larry Heard, Benny Goodman, Sam Cooke, Quincy Jones, Curtis Mayfield, Common, Minnie Ripperton, Marshall Jefferson and many more who no doubt shaped The Real Sound of Chicago.
A1–Fantasie (2)The Composers (Mr Peabody's Edit)6:00
A2–Carmen AmezNever Gonna Fall In Love Again (Like I Fell In Love With You) (Mr Peabody's Edit)8:15
B1–LaJohn And Sheela*Too Far Gone (Mr Peabody's Edit)6:37
B2–Lonnie GivensRunning To A Disco (Mr Peabody's Edit)6:22
C1–Billy HintonThe Challenge (Mr Peabody's Edit)6:13
C2–Premonition (4)Your Love Is In The Pocket (Mr Peabody's Edit)8:14
D1–Brighter Side Of DarknessDisco Ball (Mr Peabody's Edit)6:15
D2–The Moore Brothers (2)Bass Come Back (Mr Peabody's Edit)8:02

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