Various Artists - They Make No Say - LP Vinyl

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They Make No Say
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


A long anticipated collection of long sold out 45s on the tiny North London minimal synth imprint; Polytechnic Youth. The label began it’s life in 2014 when an old friend went to Germany and bought a cutting lathe, enabling us to release hand cut 45s in micro editions of varying quantities. From there, a dizzying array of collectors’ dream releases flowed, clear 5” singles, 8” singles, 45s that played from the inside label out and releases that came with personalized ‘glow in the dark’ centre adapters, to name a few. All sought after now. The LP features a selection of tracks from these releases, which, while allowing newcomers to the label a more affordable foot in the door, also gels and works well as a free flowing full length in it’s own right. The label has a deep love for both the look and sound of key period '78 to '83 minimal synth, experimental and primitive, DIY electronic music. Often released as private press style vinyl or low key cassette only releases. If forced to throw names at you as reference points, think Fad Gadget, early Cabs, early Mute, John Bender, Neural Circus and Transparent Illusion etc. .
A1–No ArtistPolytechnic Youth Intro Theme I
A2–GroupusculeJe Suis Marxiste
A3–The Home CurrentWix
A4–Detox Twins*Einhorn Suicide
A5–XyzipsCosey And Warm
A6–Volume GroopMovement
A7–Mass DefectMagnetic Melodie
B1–No ArtistPolytechnic Youth Intro Theme II
B2–MIDDEX (2)Space Sorry
B3–Volume GroopStillness
B4–Detox Twins*Paradox
B5–theFreqDesignRachel Don't Dance
B6–GroupusculeImagine: C'est La Guerre

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