Various Artists - Tones And Echoes - 12" Vinyl

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Kicking off 2023, Egregore Collective is back with a second vinyl release on the main label. This time, we’re diving deep, spiraling down in a sea of reverberated chords and soothing noises. For this new foray in the physical realm, appropriately titled “Tones and Echoes”, we called upon 5 specialists of the deepest forms of dub music.

Opening the record is Germany’s very own Another Channel. With regular appearances on respected labels of the genre such as Moonshine Recordings or Modern Hypnosis, he delivers a laid back dub ballad to kick things off smoothly.

Following up is Vienna based Mantsche, tagging along his mate Bishop with a deeper, stomping and more melancholic sounding riddim, that slowly builds up to a powerful stepper second drop that’s guaranteed to make you skank.

Closing the A side of the record is Masis, a previous collaborator of Another Channel on Moonshine Recordings. He takes us on a deeper tip with a dusty, minimalistic and lo-fi sounding dub punctuated by vocals chanting the name of the track as well as the final destination of this journey : “Mount Zion”.

On the other side, we have an all-Toulouse roster, starting with the enigmatic Stefan Dubs. Essential component of the illegal and underground scene here in Toulouse with the collective Folklore, he once again showcases his trademark meditative, saturated, and sometimes hypnotic aesthetic with another ode to forest raves in the maquis.

Rounding off the record is our own Stacktrace, taking a break from his dancehall bangers to go back to his roots and sign off on a highly progressive tune, sparkled with clicking shakers and drum rolls, and as always building into a very different second drop with a bassline melody that will stick to your head.
A1Another Channel - East Slope Dub
A2Mantsche - Unknown Dub Story ft. Bishop
B1Masis - Mount Zion
B2Stefan Dubs - Saudrune Dub
B3Stacktrace - Heal