Various Artists - Voguing & House Ballroom Scene 1976-1996 Pt.1 - 2x LP Vinyl+CD

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Voguing & House Ballroom Scene 1976-1996 Pt.1
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


**Double gatefold LP includes free exclusive, limited edition Junior Vasquez mix CD** With the current groundswell and ubiquity of House music, it's important to redress the roots and reasons behind such a sprawling scene. This expertly compiled 18-track compilation, Junior Vasquez mix, twenty page booklet and postcard set does just that, documenting New York's flamboyant Voguing scene 1976-96 by tracing its history from Disco thru House via foundational tracks from Masters At Work, Loose Joints, Armand Van Helden, and Malcolm Maclaren, among others. In recent years the scene has been pushed underground, only to resurface in its most modern manifestation on releases by MikeQ, and heavily referenced by the likes of Kingdom and Bok Bok, combining that crucially catty, c*nty attitude with contemporary production techniques. You can hear the genesis of that sound here in tracks like Masters At Work's pivotal 'The Ha Dance (Ken/Lou Mixx)' and Raze's classic 'Break 4 Love (Spanish Fly Mix)', besides seminal disco tunes like Loose Joints 'Is IT All Over My Face' or First Choice's 'Let No Man Put Asunder' - exactly the sort of tunes which brought Gay, Afro American and Hispanic crowds together for battles beneath the disco ball. Essentially these tracks are placed in context as dancefloor tools, or even weapons, catalysts for bitchy conflict and an energy and sense of style which really gave House music its fiery, sexy reputation in the first place. All too sadly folk are much more conservative on the dancefloor these days (maybe we're not going to the right clubs), but hopefully this collection - and Chantal Regnault's accompanying book - will incite some of you into action. See you on the runway, bitches.

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