Voices of East Harlem - Voices of East Harlem - LP Vinyl

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Voices of East Harlem
Voices of East Harlem
12" Vinyl


A masterpiece of sweet group soul! This was the first secular record cut by The Voices Of East Harlem - a group who'd had an earlier gospel-tinged album on Elektra, but who are soaring out here in a brilliant mix of righteous mainstream soul styles - courtesy of the Curtom power team of Rich Tufo, Leroy Hutson, and Curtis Mayfield! The album's an unusual non-Curtom effort by the Hutson and Curtom - who collaborated in producing the record with Tufo, who himself did most of the arrangements with Hutson - in a mode that's wonderfully in the same spirit as Leroy's seminal work for Curtom in the mid 70s. There's a depth here that makes the album one of our favorite-ever soul records from the 70s - brilliant not just for the overall sound, but also for the pointed lyrics and really personal feel of the songs. Lead vocals shift between the different tunes - but are mostly handled by Gerri Griffin and Monica Burress, with warm support by the rest of the group.
A1 Cashing In 2:20
A2 Just Believe In Me 2:17
A3 Little People 3:30
A4 Giving Love 4:44
B1 Wanted, Dead, Or Alive 3:23
B2 Loving You The Way I Do 3:05
B3 I Like Having You Around 2:21
B4 Could This Be Love 3:29
B5 New Vibrations 3:22

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