Voilaaa - On Te L'avait Dit - 2x LP Vinyl

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On Te L'avait Dit
12" Vinyl


2x LP gatefold version - Pursuing his explorations of international funk and disco music, Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart continues his Voilaaa project, following the 2015 Spies Are Watching Me/Le Disco des Capitales 12" (FVR 106EP) with the project's debut album, On Te L'avait Dit. Following such projects as The Dynamics, Mr President, Mr Day, Patchworks Galactic Project, and Taggy Matcher, Patchworks now returns to his first love and specialty, disco, and draws upon African and Caribbean influences. Indeed, funk and disco were extremely influential in these regions, just as they were everywhere in the '70s and '80s, and in most cases, the combination of the festive yet sometime futile nature of disco, and the instinctive, deep, sometimes rough nature of African music sounds like a perfect balance. Aiming to recover this energy and specific sound, Patchworks quickly began producing a few tracks using his unique beats and basslines as foundations and adding guitars, keyboards, and brass distorted with vintage and DIY effects pedals and boxes. Patchworks decided to work with local singers and accompany them on their individual musical paths -- the result is deeply authentic music, as unveiled on Spies Are Watching Me/Le Disco des Capitales alongside Sir Jean and Pat Kalla, both of whom appear on On Te L'avait Dit. The album's ten tracks form a tireless string of hits, with a few more brilliant collaborations with Renaud Bilombo and label-mates Hawa and Fouley Badiaga.
A1 Spies Are Watching Me 7:12
A2 On Te L'avait Dit 6:24
B1 Le Disco Des Capitales 6:42
B2 Bark 6:21
C1 Vampires 5:01
C2 Enlevez-moi ça 5:14
C3 Jungle Fire 6:17
D1 Pas Bon 6:09
D2 Tomowa 5:35
D3 Niarela 3:57