Von D - Over / Chalice Overdubs - 7" Vinyl

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Over / Chalice Overdubs
Von D
7" Vinyl


Limited to 800 7" vinyl copies for the world. Design & screen print by Polygon Press. No repress, no digital. 2017 was a serious year for Von D, with releases on a number of great labels including our long-format imprint Khaliphonic, plus Amar, Moonshine, Lion Charge and more - and it's not over yet! For ZamZam, Von D has delivered “Over” - a brooding, burning 140 anthem providing serious heat as we head into the dark winter months.

“Over” features a powerful half-time reggae riddim built from Von D’s signature warm, enveloping bass and restrained but powerful drums. Tambourine and guiro add flavor while the snares slap, and Meekman’s kete drum rocks throughout, adding a swing and live feeling missing from many contemporary in-the-box sound system tunes. Melodica and synth skank in unison, underpinning a dizzying spread of analog signals & sonics.

With reality lyrics straight from Kingston JA courtesy of Shamarie Kamar Bogle AKA Digital Sham, the tune is brought to a boil with heady verbal vapors on poverty, struggle, corruption, daily stresses caused by the political shitstem, and the inevitable end of the wickedness that is so prevalent in these times.

The dub version spools out the echoes and forwards the kete drum in fine style, displaying brilliant filter-sweep moves and reverbs so luscious the space they define seems to breathe. “Chalice Overdubs” also features gorgeous guitar work starting halfway through, adding another melodic, rhythmic and textural element for much more than a simple version.

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