Westwood / Cash - Psycho For Your Love - 12" Vinyl

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Psycho For Your Love
Westwood / Cash
12" Vinyl


DETROIT 1983 You might know Danan from his first release in 1982 under the alias Superlife. At that time Danan was hanging around the Recording Institute of Detroit where Juan Atkins was training in production. Danan was interested in Atkin's style of dance music and quickly recorded "Go Bananas" (soon the be re-released on PPU records). Bananas was released locally on Southern Sun Records in hyper limited quantity, it is today one of the most sought after underground detroit techno recordings of all time. Only a year later Danan would find himself back at the Recording Institute working with Orlando Cash on his second release "Psycho For Your Love". Productions in this style were given the artist name "Westwood" or "Clint Westwood". Danan was working close to 100 hours a week next to George Clinton, and certainly some p-funk had rubbed off on Danan. Peoples Potential Unlimited PPU-025 features both original versions of the infamous second release from Danan Potts aka Westwood/Cash "Psycho For Your Love" and "Work Those Joints", there are also two brand new PPU edited versions of both tracks! This record is dedicated to the late Danan Potts and his family.
A1 Psycho For Your Love (Vocal) 5:41
A2 Psycho For Your Love (Edit) 4:36
B1 Work Those Joints (Vocal) 5:42
B2 Work Those Joints (Edit) 4:53

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