Zomby - One Foot Ahead Other - 2x LP Vinyl

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One Foot Ahead Other
12" Vinyl


Zomby finally follows up his Hyperdub doublepack with an album of future-shocking manoeuvres for Ramp, loaded with nine tracks of style surfing riddims and mind burrowing bleepage. In our books, this is one of the most anticipated and in-demand records of the year so far. His precocious productions since 2007 have taken R'n'B infected grime, dubstep and bassline as starting points before crumbling them with nimble digits and reassembling them in his own skunk smudged vision, practically instigating a movement behind him and seriously blazing a path into future rhythm construction. Any keen followers of the style will have noticed tracks from this album cropping up in places like Blackdown's Rinse show or in DJ sets from Kode 9 or Ikonika, most likely soundtracking those head-in-hands "WTF?!?!" type moments their recent sets have delivered. The scheme for 'One Foot Ahead Of The Other' is generally fixed around funkin' 4/4 patterns nudged, pushed and squeezed into constantly morphing shapes with a fizzing energy centre of UK rave spirit at it's core, picking up the baton from thousands of raves gone by and running headlong in the future, shooting lazers from every orifice and dripping psychoactive sweat all over the dancefloor. We'll shut up now and just let the music do the talking, but for what it's worth, this is one of the best records you'll hear this year.
A1 One Foot Ahead Of The Other
A2 Helter Skelter
B1 Pumpkinhead's Revenge
B2 Polka Dot
C1 Godzilla
C2 Expert Tuition
D1 Bubble Bubble
D2 Mescaline Cola
D3 Firefly Finale

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