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Music For Films
Brian Eno
12" Vinyl


2018 reissue - The basic core of tracks making up Brian Eno's Music for Films was originally assembled in 1976 for inclusion in a promotional LP of prospective cues sent to film directors. In early 1978, a bit before Music for Airports, Editions EG released Music for Films with little more than Eno's cryptic comment: "some of it was made specifically for soundtrack material, (and) some of it was made for other reasons but found its way into films." As with most things Eno, this led to a good deal of speculation and controversy. One filmmaker long ago stated, "All of that is crap -- this music was never used in any films," and another film student who had tried out some of the cues: "this is the worst music for films ever. These cues don't synch to anything." However, the second filmmaker unintentionally discovered the essence of Music for Films -- the 18 pieces here are little films, stimulating the visual part of one's brain and thus fulfilling their promotional purpose. In that sense, Music for Films was revolutionary in 1978.

The mid-'70s were still a rather angry period in electronic music at the academic level. Eno's approach differed significantly from both that, and from others, in that his music was not pop-oriented either. Music for Films is the unrecognized link between Discreet Music and Music for Airports -- it is essential Eno, and a landmark collection drawn from among his work.
A3From The Same Hill
A4Inland Sea
A5Two Rapid Formations
A6Slow Water
A7Sparrowfall (1)
A8Sparrowfall (2)
A9Sparrowfall (3)
B2Events In Dense Fog
B3There Is Nobody
B4A Measured Room
B5Patrolling Wire Borders
B6Task Force
B7Alternative 3
B8Strange Light
B9Final Sunset

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