Drc Music - Kinshasa One Two - 2x LP Vinyl

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Kinshasa One Two
Drc Music
12" Vinyl
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*Deluxe vinyl Box - includes a download code for 3 bonus tracks - redeemable directly from the label* The results of Damon Albarn's recent musical mission to the Congo in aid of Oxfam's relief efforts in the DRC for which he was accompanied by the likes of Actress, Dan the Automator, Richard Russell, and Jneiro Jarel . But of all those involved in this attempt at culture-colliding pop music, it's the Congolese musicians who are the stars of the show, bringing the necessary grit and glee alike to each track. It's hard not to be won over by the looped, jazz-dunked hip-hop of 'K-Town' (featuring N'Gotshima), the impish footwork of 'We Come From The Forest' and a clutch of bass-heavy, presumably Actress-helmed house jams.

A1 Hallo Vocals - Damon Albarn, Nelly Liyemge, Tout Puissant MukaloProducer - Richard RussellWritten-By - DRC Music, Nelly Liyemge, Tout Puissant Mukalo
A2 K-Town Vocals - Bebsom, N'GotshimaProducer - Dan The AutomatorWritten-By - Bebsom, N'Gotshima
A3 African Space Anthem Vocals - Ewing SimaProducer - Jneiro JarelWritten-By - Ewing Sima, Jneiro Jarel
A4 Love Vocals - LoveProducer - Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursWritten-By - Love
B1 Lingala Percussion - Bokatola SystemVocals - Evala Litongo, LoveProducer - Totally Enormous Extinct DinosaursWritten-By - Evala Litongo, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
B2 Lourds Producer - Bokatola System, Yende BongongoWritten-By - Bokatola System, Yende Bongongo
B3 Respect The Rules Producer - Richard RussellWritten-By - Loi X LIberal, Richard Russell
C1 We Come From The Forest Vocals - Bokatola SystemWritten-By - Bokatola System
C2 Customs Percussion - Bokatola SystemProducer - KwesWritten-By - Kwes
C3 Virginia Vocals - Magakala Virginia Yollande, Yowa HollandeWritten-By - Magakala Virginia Yollande, Magakala Virginia Yollande, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
D1 Ah Congo Percussion - Bokatola SystemVocals - Jupiter BokondjiProducer - Rodaidh McDonaldWritten-By - Jupiter Bokondji, Rodaidh McDonald
D2 Three Piece Sweet Part 1&2 Vocals - BebsomProducer - Actress, Kwes, Remi KabakaWritten-By - Actress, Bebsom
D3 If You Wish To Stay Awake Producer - Kwes, Richard RussellWritten-By - Richard Russell, Washiba
D4 Departure Producer - KwesWritten-By - Bokatola System, Kwes