Frank Ocean - The Lonny Breaux Collection - 6x LP Vinyl

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Frank Ocean
The Lonny Breaux Collection
12" Vinyl
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Frank Ocean may seem like a house hold name to most, but he's been recording tracks for a lot longer than it took to make it. Before signing a deal with Def Jam or linking up with Odd Future, Frank was writing songs under the name Lonny Breaux. Over the years, numerous reference tracks have leaked out onto the Internet to be collected by fans. A new mixtape, created by users at and dubbed The Lonny Breaux Collection, assembles 64 of these songs in one convenient place. Most are sung by Frank himself, others are not. All were written, at least in part, by the songwriter.
A1Acura Integurl 1:57
A2Bedtime Story 3:38
A3Blasted (Prod. Midi Mafia) 3:57
A4Bricks And Steel 4:07
A5Broken Pieces 1:17
B1Can't Be The Last Time 4:14
B2Day Away 3:32
B3Denim 4:22
B4Done 3:24
B5Dying for Your Love feat. Lonny Breaux 3:32
C1Flight 3:41
C2Focus 3:05
C3Follow 3:27
C4Go Up 4:14
C5Got The Keys 3:22
D1Greedy Love 3:40
D2Hardest Thing 4:05
D3Holly Baby 3:38
D4I Need Love 3:32
D5If I'm In Love 2:25
E1J.O.B 3:01
E2James Fauntleroy - Dying for Your Love ft. Lonny Breaux 3:32
E3Kamikaze 3:39
E4Know Better 3:18
E5Lights 3:31
F1Lonny (New Mix) 4:09
F2Lost Angel (No 2nd Verse) 4:36
F3Lost Angel 4:36
F4Love On My Piano 3:13
F5Miss You So 4:24
G1No Bonnie 3:44
G2No Love 2:52
G3Non-Stop 3:37
G4Ohh In Love 3:15
G5Old Terror 3:24
H1One Look 3:47
H2Open Air 3:35
H3Overload 3:51
H4Private Show 3:34
H5Quickly 3:49
I1Read The Stars 3:15
I2Ready 4:09
I3Real 3:54
I4Rewind That 3:41
I5Richest Man In The Room 3:47
I6Rocket Love 4:02
J1Scared Of Beautiful 4:06
J2She Won't Say Hello 3:16
J3Simply 3:48
J4So Comfortable Feat. Lonny Breaux 3:32
J5So Fresh 1:33
J6Standing Still 3:47
K1Stay If You Go 3:02
K2Sucka For Love 3:19
K3Sucker For Love 3:06
K4Surprise Ending feat. Lonny Breaux 3:38
K5Taste 3:26
K6The City 3:42
L1Time Machine 3:28
L2Together 4:29
L3Tonight 2:43
L4Truce 3:33
L5Wake Up 3:39
L6When I'm Done 3:24