Jerome Derradji - Kill Yourself Dancing: Story Of Sunset Records Chicago 1985-89 - 2x LP Vinyl

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Kill Yourself Dancing: Story Of Sunset Records Chicago 1985-89
Jerome Derradji
12" Vinyl
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Flashback to Chicago in 1985, when House Music was just being born. A few kids - Matt Warren, Miguel Garcia and Ralphi Rosario, get together to join forces with the already established Sunset Mobile Disco - owned by brothers Alex and Robert Rojo - to create a new record label as an outlet for their productions. In the following 4 years, Sunset Records Inc. released some of the most groundbreaking Chicago House records, mixing New Wave, Disco and Industrial influences with "beat tracks" and a huge amount of talent expertly scouted by Matt Warren & Miguel Garcia. While largely remaining in the shadows of larger labels like Trax and DJ International, the metamorphosis of Sunset Mobile Disco into Sunset Records Inc. perfectly illustrates the wide range of influences that gave Chicago's dance scene its unique sound. Jerome Derradji is proud to present the definitive story - written by Jacob Arnold - of one of Chicago's House Music best kept secret in a superb gatefold 2LP
A1 Razz* - Kill Yourself Dancing 4:37
A2 Ben Mays - Lover Man (Lover Man)
B1 White Knight - It Could Be Acid 7:42
B2 Boom Boom* & Master Plan - Face The Music (Dub Mix) 5:15
C1 Modern Mechanical Music - Persia 7:45
C2 Master Plan - Electric Baile (Commercial Mix) 8:41
D1 Hex Complexx - I Want You (The Transcontinental Mix)
D2 Matt Warren - Rock The Nation (Remixed By Kenny Jason)