The Grand Scheme - Hold On To Your Bag - 7" Vinyl

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The Grand Scheme
Hold On To Your Bag
7" Vinyl


Created in the wake of a massive European tour at Modern World Studios in the UK, "Hold on to Your Bag" is the Grand Scheme's homage to the "I Need A Dollar" Tour of 2010-2012 with Aloe Blacc. At the end of a full summer of festivals and tour dates in Europe, The Grand Scheme spent their last four days in the UK recording and writing as fast as they could. They were on fire after a summer with many highlights including Glastonbury, Jools Holland, and many other TV and festival performances.

After playing so frequently together, they were tight as ever and eager to write some original music. “Hold on to Your Bag” was partially inspired by a dance break in the middle of their set in which they played the Soul Train theme and had the audience re-enact the show’s famous "Soul Train line." They started incorporating the chorus line into middle of the song, in reference to a funny experience Saxophone player Randal Fisher had on the bus in Los Angeles. While in the studio they flushed out this new track with Peter Dyers funky clavinet heading the charge. And then…. the music sat in the vaults… until NOW! Too good to be relegated to obscurity, Aloe, the Melody Boys (Chris Bautista and Randal Fisher), and Farmer Grief came in for the last touches at guitarist and producer Joel Van Dijk's home studio. Joseph Gonzales, Te'Amir Sweeney and Peter had already recorded their funky legacy. Common Good Records then stepped up to the plate to put this funk on wax. The Grand Scheme has more releases and tunes coming beyond this 7" issue of “Hold on To Your Bag and "The Scheme Theme." Stay tuned, and Hold on to Your Bag…Don't Lose it!
AHold On To Your Bag
BThe Scheme Thing