Various Artists - Geometry - 2x LP Vinyl

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Various Artists
12" Vinyl


It's been a while, since we've heard anything from the Touchin' Bass camp, but hopefully this nine track compilation of various artists will make up for the wait. Starting the compilation, is Berlin-based artist Bogger, who runs the Digital Gadget imprint. He also features on the Underscan Records compilation series. 'Mineral' is the perfect opening track to set the mood; with drawn out tones that insinuate themselves into the environment. An intense, sustained, melodic piece of brilliance. Portland-based producer Ben Milstein is up next. He has recorded for labels such as Outside, Pyramid Transmissions and Satamile. Bitstream have already recorded two killer EPs for Touchin' Bass. The two brothers from Northampton-shire have decided to go their separate ways now, so this compilation will feature their last two tracks. Two slices of electronic madness in the truest form. Back to Ben Milstein again, this time as his other alias Doctor Evil. 'Zissle' is an electro assault, with an arsenal of drums, analogue sounds, deep atmospheric synths and bowel bothering bass. Next is another new artist to appear on Touchin' Bass, but already known in the electro and IDM scene - b0t23, part of the Portland family who has been playing at electro jams for many years, flying the flag. Track six comes from Alpha 606 and Sync 24, a debut release for Armando Martinez and Phil Bolland as a duo. Their track 'Warped Juice' is a great crossover of dark moody electro with native Cuban influences and percussive sounds. Dave Paton a.k.a weedjs returns to the label again with his monster of a track. And to finish off we have yet another newcomer as mentioned already above, but this time going under the name of Jeff Pils with his uncompromising Berlin beats.

A1 Doctor Evil - Zissle
A2 Bot23* - Hoffmans Fernk
B1 Alpha 606 & Sync 24 - Warped Juice
B2 Jeff Pils - Montiert
C1 Bogger - Mineral
C2 Bitstream - Gaswork Mushroom
D1 Ben Milstein - Osity
D2 Wee DJs* - No Resolution