Various Artists - James Brown's Funky People Pt. 1 - 2x LP Vinyl

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James Brown's Funky People Pt. 1
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


NOTE: jacket has a 2" dent/crease in one corner but VINYL IS MINT & SEALED

Some have made the claim that Get On Down may love James Brown just a little too much. To which the label replies, it's not possible to love James Brown too much. The label's welcome obsession with Mr. Brown and the incredible line up of talent found on his People Record imprint continues with the reissue of Funky People Part 1.

Long out of print on vinyl, Funky People Part 1 features the top tier of artists from Brown's People Records label, including The J.B.'s, Lyn Collins, Fred Wesley and Maceo Parker. Some of the James Brown organizations all-time best material is collected here, including The J.B.'s "Pass The Peas" and "Hot Pants Road", Fred Wesley's in your face politics through funk statement "Damn Right, I Am Somebody", Lyn Collins smash hit "Think (About It)" and many more.

Newcomers and diehard fans alike continue to dig into the James Brown and People Records vaults, and the more they do so, the more they realize that it's a nearly never ending source of truly next-level funk and soul music. And you can be sure this aural goodness will keep flowing to the public, thanks to the exhaustive efforts of Get On Down.
A1–The J.B.'sGimme Some More3:05
A2–The J.B.'sPass The Peas3:14
A3–Lyn CollinsThink (About It)3:24
B1–The J.B.'sGivin' Up Food For Funk (Part 1)3:11
B2–Lyn CollinsMama Feel Good3:30
B3–The J.B.'sHot Pants Road2:46
C1–Lyn CollinsRock Me Again & Again & Again & Again & Again & Again3:26
C2–Fred Wesley & The JB'sDamn Right, I Am Somebody (Part 1)6:25
C3–Lyn CollinsTake Me As I Am3:32
D1–Fred Wesley & The JB'sIf You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up And Try It Again3:35
D2–Maceo & The MacksPaarty (Part 1)3:24
D3–Fred & The New J.B.'s(Its Not The Express) Its The JB's Monaurail (Part 1)4:06
D4–Fred Wesley & The JB'sSame Beat (Part 1)3:19