Various Artists - The One-Derful! Collection: Mar-V-Lus Records - 2x LP Vinyl

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The One-Derful! Collection: Mar-V-Lus Records
Various Artists
12" Vinyl


The second installment of the One-derful! Collection focuses on Mar-V-Lus, the teen-oriented imprint of this legendary R&B label group. Mar-V-Lus is preceded by the One-derful! Records compilation and will be followed by releases of the M-Pac!, Halo, Midas, and Toddlin' Town sub-labels. This series marks the first in-depth study of what was once one of Chicago's most prominent African-American run labels.

Within the grooves of these 25 tracks lie classic dance numbers from Alvin Cash, pure harmonies from The Du-Ettes, soulful funk from Josephine Taylor, aching deep ballads from Johnny Sayles, teen laments from Miss Madeline & The Young Folk, and Detroit influenced uptempo floor fillers from Joseph Moore, The Blenders, and The Ulti-mations, plus 10 tracks that were never issued!

A1 -Josephine Taylor For You My Love 2:05
A2 -Johnny Sayles Don't Turn Your Back On Me 2:27
A3 -Alvin Cash & The Crawlers Sweatin' 2:23
A4 -Du-Ettes, The Stop, Call The Cop 2:20
A5 -Blenders, The (4) Love Is A Good Thing Goin' 2:41
A6 -Miss Madeline Behave Yourself 2:59
B1 -Alvin Cash & The Crawlers Twine Time 2:19
B2 -Du-Ettes, The If You Need Me 1:32
B3 -Josephine Taylor Ordinary Guy 2:04
B4 -Blenders, The (4) Your Love Has Got Me Down 2:17
B5 -Cicero Blake You're Gonna Be Sorry 2:40
B5 -Miss Madeline Lonely Girl 2:06
B6 -Ulti-mations, The* Would I Do It Over 3:05
C1 -Josephine Taylor Your Love Picks Me Up 3:23
C2 -Young Folk, The Joey 3:04
C3 -Du-Ettes, The I'm Gonna Love You 2:06
C4 -Joseph Moore (2) I Still Can't Get You 2:29
C5 -Vicky Clay Oh It's All Right 2:29
C6 -Johnny Sayles Whole Lot Of Lovin' 2:46
D1 -Alvin Cash & The Registers The Philly Freeze 2:33
D2 -Josephine Taylor I Want A Man 3:13
D3 -Baby Miracles I Feel Good All Over 2:47
D4 -Du-Ettes, The Hello Tommy 2:19
D5 -Johnny Sayles You Told A Lie 2:27
D6 -Ulti-mations, The* Sad Souvenirs 3:03

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